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Coasters &

Table Mats


Here at Images as Art we produce a wide range of coasters and table mats featuring a mouth watering array of wildlife images. Well over 80 different types of top quality mug and cup coasters, and over 30 different table mat types are produced by us now and the range grows daily. 
Our range of coasters features selections of 2, 3 and 4 coaster sets. Each coaster costs just £2.50 each, therefore, £5.00 plus postage of £1.00 for 2, £7.50 plus postage of £1.00 for 3 and £10.00 plus postage of £1.75 for 4. Each coaster measures 9cm X 9cm and is made from a VERY hard-wearing and durable coated board material.
The Squirrel Selection
The Red Fox Selection
The British Mammals Selection 1
The British Mammals Selection 2
The British Deer Selection
The Grey Seal Selection
The Iconic Farm Animals Selection
The Zoo Selection 1
The Zoo Selection 2
The Tiger Selection
The Pebbles Selection
The Butterflies Selection
The Kingfisher Selection 1
The Kingfisher Selection 2
The Garden Birds Selection 1
The Garden Birds Selection 2
The Garden Birds Selection 3
The Robins Selection
The Owls Selection 1
The Owls Selection 2
The Birds of Prey Selection 1
The Birds of Prey Selection 2
The Puffins Selection
The Wildfowl Selection
The Wildflowers Selection 1
The Wildflowers Selection 2
The Autumn Selection
The Images as Art Selection
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